20-Day Self-Care Challenge

Welcome to the 20-Day Self-Care Challenge!

I’m so glad you’ve decided to join me in this experience.

Why This Challenge?

  • Because I know exactly how hard survivors have to fight sometimes – not to thrive, not to succeed — but simply to not fall apart by the end of the day. 
  • Because I know that it’s even hard if you have little ones you’re trying to be strong and healthy for — to minimize the fallout of life’s upheaval when you’re healing from abuse and protecting them as best you can.
  • Because I know EXACTLY how hard it is to try and figure out healthy self-care. 
  • Because I’m the girl who gleefully worked myself to the point of total burnout twice before I finished college and learned more about pacing myself.
  • Because most of the time when people talk about self-care, they talk about stuff that’s either shallow and fluffy or completely unaffordable when you’re shattered by financial abuse and struggling to buy basics like groceries.
  • Because I want YOU to know how why self-care is SO important, why you won’t recover and heal without it, and how to build affordable and beneficial self-care into your daily lifestyle.

My Webinar Taught You Three Essential Things: 

  • Why self care is sacred
  • What sacred self care looks like
  • How you can incorporate healthy self care into your life starting today

It’s so Important to Remember:

  1. Sacred Self-care isn’t selfish – it’s actually a holy act of worship to God.
  2. Sacred Self-care focuses on wellness and wholeness to make us more able to serve others, not shallow self-centered activities that keep us focused on our own gratification.
  3. Sacred Self-care can be incorporated into your daily routine without making drastic or expensive changes – because it all starts with changing how you THINK. 

Check out my latest options for online group coaching here, to maintain your momentum on this healing journey.

Download your Challenge PDF here, or right click the image below:



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