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Resource List for Trauma and Abuse Survivors

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Best Books to Read on Your Path to Healing After Abuse

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Domestic Abuse Facts – Playlist

Misapplied Bible Passages on Abuse – Playlist

Online Group COACHING Sessions

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Q&A on Abuse Issues – Playlist

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One of the most difficult aspects of abuse recovery is the process of finding safe, effective, reliable resources that won’t increase your risk, lead you astray, or reinforce toxic theology. It’s hard to figure out where to turn, and what to believe, when someone has systematically disassembled your identity for months or years.

Some of my favorite sources of information for your journey through education, healing, and recovery.

Barry Goldstein

One of America’s leading domestic violence authors, a public speaker and expert. Barry’s book The Quincy Solution, is outstanding on the family court system and ways to better protect children. The Stop Abuse Campaign prevents Adverse Childhood Experiences (childhood trauma) through public policy and public education.
– education and campaigns on domestic violence and abuse
– opportunities to get involved in making a difference
– stories and updates on abuse and how to respond

Bucket Brigade Against Abuse

Provides education, training, and victim support in situations of abuse by spiritual leaders. Events include twice yearly #DefenderBrigade Abuse Response Training, Safe Church Project training, and on-location weekend events.
-confidential reporting of abuse allegations in the Seventh-day Adventist church
-abuse response training events
-resources and information on FB
-situational consultation and intervention

Flying Free

Christian women can recover and heal from emotional and spiritual abuse while also discovering a life of freedom and joy in Christ. Natalie Hoffman is a survivor, coach, and author.
-coaching and webinars on recovery from abuse
-information on whether you really are in an abusive relationship
-blogs and books

G.R.A.C.E. Godly Response to Abuse in Christian Environments

The Mission of GRACE is to empower the Christian community through education, training, and consultation to recognize, confront, and respond to the sin of child sexual abuse.
-church training resources
-child education resources
-independent investigations
Twitter: G.R.A.C.E. Founder, Boz Tchividjian @BozT

Jimmy Hinton

I hate abuse, love prevention, and love the cold. Husband, father, preacher, former truck driver, and son of a pedophile. I’ve worked tirelessly to understand the mind and specific techniques of pedophiles so that we can better protect our children from them.
– podcasts on abuse in faith communities
– blogs on how to discern abuse and take action in response
– speaking events

Julie Owens – Domestic Violence Expert

Julie trains professionals widely and has served as an expert witness in both criminal and civil cases regarding domestic violence and domestic violence-related post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She was a Site Coordinator for the Lily Endowment-funded RAVE project (Religion And Violence E-learning) during its five years of initial development.
-news on DV and abuse
-articles and blog posts to educate yourself
-training events

Kids’ Best Interest

Children are dependent on their caregivers. KBI provides support to parents ensnarled in high conflict family court who are generally “battling” a person with traits of a Cluster B personality disorders (Narcissistic, Antisocial, and or Borderline). Unless one has walked these steps in this surreal journey of trying to protect one’s children in family court, it is impossible to understand the court’s ignorance of these disorders and the profound negative impact on children building their own personalities being exposed to continued emotional and often physical abuse by a Cluster B parent.
– support and resources for navigating family court with an abusive ex-spouse

LLG Tactical Coaching

Provides strategic services for those who are facing what courts mistakenly label “high conflict” divorce/custody case with a Cluster B Personality disordered individual. A support system to provide the tools, strategies, and tactics that work when the other parent, often a Cluster B Personality Disordered Individual has set out to destroy them. More often than not, the goal of the personality-disordered ex is to report false allegations of “Parental Alienation”, a term that has been debunked by every major body of the psychological community.

Lundy Bancroft

Author, workshop leader, and consultant on domestic abuse and child maltreatment. Bancroft’s work focuses on three areas:

  • Training professionals on best practices for intervening with male perpetrators of violence against women, toward the goal of promoting accountability and requiring change.
  • Training professionals on the dynamics of emotional injury and recovery in children who are exposed to a man who abuses their mother, to prepare participants to offer the most effective and safe assistance possible to children and their mothers.
  • Supporting healing and empowerment for abused women, with an emphasis on advocating for the human rights of mothers and their children.

-indispensable books such as Why Does He Do That?, The Batterer as Parent, and
When Dad Hurts Mom – Helping Your Children Heal the Wounds of Witnessing Abuse
– training and webinars on understanding abuse, for both professionals and victims

One Mom’s Battle

Educating Family Court Professionals on High-Conflict Custody Battles involving individuals with diagnosed (or suspected) Cluster B personality disorders such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, or Antisocial Personality Disorder.

-consultation on high-conflict court battles
-videos and resources for custody with ClusterB co-parents
-resources to anonymously educate your judge or therapist on ClusterB abuse

Psalm 82 Initiative

Churches are the largest untapped resource for helping victims of abuse, but they often lack the needed understanding to recognize and respond effectively to the problem. Psalm 82 Initiative exists to help churches and their leaders defend those who are oppressed.
-education on recognizing and responding to abuse in the church
-individual coaching for advocates who help specific victims

Dr. Ramani – Narcissism and Personality Disorder Expert


Rebecca Davis

Award-winning author, speaker, and blogger on the topic of abuse and recovery. Rebecca is the co-uthor of Unholy Charade, and Tear Down This Wall of Silence. Her latest book, Untwisting Scriptures, is written to the victims and survivors of spiritual abuse, to help them unravel some of the ways God’s Word has been used to keep them prisoner.

Sarah McDugal

Author, Speaker, & Leadership Development Coach who works with female survivors of abuse who are ready to leave their wilderness behind and #liveWILD. As a survivor, this passion to coach women into healing led Sarah to co-found the Bucket Brigade Against Abuse and WILD — Women In Leadership Development, guiding women toward a gospel-centered life of Wisdom, Identity, Legacy and Daring.
-blogs on abuse recovery
-inspirational bible study for female survivors
-online group coaching for abuse recovery
-weekly YouTube videos on awareness, education, and abuse response
-speaking and training events

Valerie Jacobsen

Valerie is a survivor, writer, and Facebook advocate with a constant stream of educational content on social media. Follow her on Facebook and you’ll get a thorough education in the realities of abuse in faith communities.
-insights and commentary on abuse, recovery, and healing

DISCLAIMER: I have vetted these resources to the best of my ability, but there may be nuances of doctrine or perspective that I can’t agree with. Listing a resource does not imply blanket endorsement, and indicates no responsibility for outcomes that result from seeking information or services from those listed.

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