When Reality Doesn’t Tell You the Truth

Every woman I know occasionally feels melancholy, discouraged, or just filled with worry now and then.

Sometimes a whole lot more now than then, if we’re honest with ourselves…

What do you do when that happens?
Do you try to force the thoughts to go away?
Do you find yourself struggling to overcome the doubts and fears?
It can be hard to figure out which thoughts and feelings are “truth” when we are mired in disappointments.

We’re emotional creatures, and often we interpret truth as whatever reality we’ve experienced.
But what if our experience was a false construct?
What if the people who said they loved us were actually mistreating us and calling it love?
What if we were emotionally conditioned to be afraid of things that are good for us?
What if our perception of truth was built on a foundation of someone else’s lies?

It can feel impossible to stop thinking about something by stopping thinking about it. Often, it’s much more effective to refocus and start thinking on purpose about something else instead.

Have you ever tried shutting out negative thoughts by filling up your mind with God’s Word?

Earlier this year, a prayer partner told me I really ought to read Joyce Meyer‘s book “Change Your Words, Change Your Life“. In this book, Joyce outlines the scriptural concepts of just how powerful our words are in our life journey. She describes something she calls confessions, the practice of saying God’s word out loud to yourself, to combat negative thinking patterns. I call these “Truth Statements”.

After reading her book, I was inspired to take some of these statements and begin telling them to myself. Then, with my #girltribe of prayer warriors, I began writing my own as well. We started with Psalm 119 and kept going.

When you struggle with how to replace the lies that have become the toxic soundtrack in your mind, say these truth statements from Psalms out loud to yourself instead.

  • Write them down in a prayer journal.
  • Record them in your own voice and play them while you fall asleep.
  • Post sticky notes on your bathroom mirror.

Do whatever it takes to put the truth about God’s feelings for you, in your mind and keep it there!

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