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I’m thrilled to announce that Gorgeous2God has partnered with me to sponsor one FREE registration for my brand new #goalWILD Master Course!

This 1-month online coaching gives you everything you need to set WILD goals, see them through, and change your life in 2019!

#goalWILD Master Course costs $197.00 to register BUT ONE LUCKY WINNER WILL GET THE ENTIRE COURSE FOR FREE, thanks to our amazing partners at Gorgeous2God!

In #GoalWILD I will share with you my secrets to:

  • Identify Your Life Passions
  • Theme/Name Your Year
  • Discover Your Core Values
  • Shed the Masks You Hide Behind
  • Reverse Engineer Your Goals
  • Identify Your Key Priorities
  • Evaluate and Reward Your Progress
  • Adjust When Needed
  • Connect with Accountability Support
  • Stay on the journey and realize your dreams!

PLUS, I’m launching a BRAND NEW #goalWILD private FaceBook Group to facilitate discussion and interaction, with daily tips to keep you on track!

In addition to 1-month of weekly video coaching modules, you’ll also get my very own:

  • Master Workbook
  • Master Checklist
  • Vision Worksheet
  • Daily Goals Planner
  • Accountability Workbook
  • Weekly Worksheets
  • Time Calculator
  • THREE personal growth inventories
    • Set Your Goals (the one we did together today)
    • Discover Your Core Values (the one corporate teams have paid me thousands for)
    • Shed Your Masks (based on my leadership book One Face)


  • Weekly Q&A sessions with experts 
  • My Private #goalWILD accountability group online


Check out WILD School’s courses here and join my #liveWILD Facebook group too!

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