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Choose a Mentor Who Inspires You

Picking a theme for the upcoming year is a great way to kickstart the next 365 days. Choosing your word or phrase to describe this theme makes the idea tangible. But don’t stop there. You also want to choose a mentor.

A mentor is someone who motivates you to keep pushing yourself and upping your own game. They don’t have to be famous, or hard to access. Here’s how to pick a great mentor for your wild new year…

Who Inspires You?

Start by thinking about who regularly inspires you. Maybe it’s that speaking coach who keeps saying exactly what you needed to hear, or the crafty mom who turned her blog into a thriving business that supports her family. Maybe it’s someone already in your personal circle who navigates life’s difficulties with an exceptional sense of calm and peace.

sarah + mcdugal + holiday + new year + resolution + goal + webinar + coach + mentor

It’s OK to choose a mentor outside your niche. For example, you may choose a mentor who sells makeup online, even though you’re a brand designer for local businesses. Just because you’re in separate industries, it doesn’t mean you can’t be positively influenced by her.

Why Does She Inspire You?

As you consider who might be a good mentor, ask yourself why those certain people inspire you. Do they have something you want — a big business, a stable marriage, or a great sense of style? Are you drawn to what they already are — an artist, an entrepreneur, a successful parent, a speaker, a novelist?

Getting clear on why someone inspires you is important. Your admiration needs to be rooted in more than just liking them. And figuring out what sparks that admiration helps you get clear on what you want to learn from them. Once you know, you’ll understand yourself better and more clearly see what it is you want to create more of in your own life.

How Can You Learn from This Mentor?

You can start actively learning from your mentor right away. Read her blog. Subscribe for updates. Listen to her podcast episodes and take notes on the nuggets of wisdom that capture your interest. Follow her on social media and check her profile a couple of times a week. Watch what she’s doing and how she does it. Look for patterns and trends. 

If your mentor isn’t an online influencer, observe her in real life when you have opportunities. Connect on social media. Strike up a conversation and tell her why you admire aspects of how she does what she does. 

Study what works for your mentor and what doesn’t. Pay attention to how she structures her time and uses her energy. Note her goals and see how she reaches them and what she tools she uses along the way. Listen when she expresses her struggles and challenges, too. We learn from mentors in more than just their successes — we learn from how they handle obstacles too.

How Will You Engage with Your Mentor?

As you’re learning from your mentor and soaking up her wisdom, don’t forget to engage with her. Comment on Facebook or reply on Twitter. Send her a DM on Instagram. Let her know how much you appreciate the fact that she’s sharing her journey. 

sarah + mcdugal + holiday + new year + resolution + goal + webinar + coach + mentor

Look for ways you could hang out with her, whether online or in a virtual space. Is she coming to your area and doing a meetup? 

Sign up for her webinar or attend the conference where she’s speaking. Watch her livestreams on Facebook or try to take her courses. 

Finding a mentor doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. In fact, there’s probably one or two women that you already admire and can learn a lot from! Now all you need to do is prioritize your connection with them. 

sarah + mcdugal + holiday + new year + resolution + goal + webinar + coach

Journal Your Thoughts

1. Who inspires you?
2. Why does this person inspire?
3. What can you learn from this person?

sarah + mcdugal + holiday + new year + resolution + goal + webinar + coach

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