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Become Your Best Self: Hire a Coach

Growing into your best self isn’t always easy. Lasting growth requires hard work and discipline. That’s why having a coach who comes alongside you and lends their expertise can be so helpful. You need someone who understands what you’re doing and pushes you to achieve your goals. 

But before you rush off to hire the first coach you meet, keep these four crucial tips in mind:

1) Consider a Specialty Coach

 Coaches come in all types, and often a coach will specialize in one specific area like spirituality, health, business, or relationships. 

So why should you choose a specialty coach? Because she’s going to be less generic in her experience and advice if she spends most of her time serving people just like you. This means she’ll already know the best tools and methods for helping you achieve your goals.

sarah + mcdugal + holiday + new year + resolution + goal + webinar + coach

On the other hand, don’t try to change your whole life by hiring a dozen different specialty coaches. That’s a fast track to overwhelming yourself, which is exactly what I want you to avoid. Just like choosing one word for your theme this year, pick one area of your life that you want to work with your coach to change and focus on that for a full year.

You’ll gain strength and confidence that will spill over into all your other aspects of life as a result. 

2) Know What You Want to Tackle

If you ponder, you might find that there is one specific goal that is the foundation of many others. One goal which, if achieved, would improve your whole life. Maybe it’s your finances, or your health, or your marriage, or your quality time with Jesus every morning. Whatever that key area is, give it extra thought and ask yourself what you’d like to accomplish. 

Do you want to change your finances? Maybe your foundational goal centers on getting out of debt and saving up an emergency fund.

Do you want to improve your health? Maybe the underpinning goal is to shift toward organic plant-based foods and away from a sedentary lifestyle.

Remember, your coach isn’t there to create your goals. She may guide you to refine your goal to align with your values and honor who you are. She can definitely help you take that big wild goal and break it down into achievable steps. But she can’t determine the goal for you.

And you’re far more likely to be thrilled with the success of your coaching sessions if you already know where you want to end up.

3) Take Your Time 

Don’t rush to hire a coach simply because a new year is starting. This isn’t an overnight decision to make. 

Choosing the wrong coach is like buying a killer pair of shoes on sale, while ignoring the fact that they’re a size too small. Sure, you’ll get where you’re going, and you may look awesome doing it — but you’re going to be in pain with every step. And hurting feet will make you grumpy and miserable, now matter how stunning your outfit looks. Don’t do that to yourself.

You want to take your time and choose a coach who is the right fit for you. A great coaching relationship should stretch you a little (just like those new heels), it should be a little bit scary, and a whole lot honest — but it should still be an enjoyable experience that ultimately increases your confidence and adds to your skills!

4) Go With the Coach who Asks Hard Questions

Seek out a coach who challenges you.

You want someone who doesn’t sugar-coat the truth and won’t let you lie to yourself. You also want someone with empathy and understanding.  

sarah + mcdugal + holiday + new year + resolution + goal + webinar + coach

A good coach doesn’t just hand over the tools to succeed. She goes deeper, she asks probing questions, she challenges your assumptions and stereotypes. She looks for the buried mindsets and hidden tripwires that are holding you hostage and preventing you from accomplishing your goals. 

You also want a coach who won’t let you off the hook and won’t accept your excuses. She needs to be strong and discerning. You want someone who’s going to keep you accountable and follow up consistently on how your progress is going. 

In other words, when it comes to choosing a coach — don’t settle. This is someone you’re going to let into your life and give her permission to tell you what to do. You’re going to give her the freedom to make you uncomfortable when your assumptions are standing in the way of your success. That’s an important role to play in your life. 

Keep searching until you find a coach you really connect with and who challenges you to become the very best version of yourself. 

sarah + mcdugal + holiday + new year + resolution + goal + webinar + coach

Journal Your Thoughts

1. Who would you love to be coached by?
2. Why this coach?
3. What goal(s) would you like your coach to help you with?

sarah + mcdugal + holiday + new year + resolution + goal + webinar + coach

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