Trade Your Wilderness for WILD

Abuse feels a lot like a wilderness.
When “Christians” hurt us at home, at church, or at work
our inner wounds create a
toxic mental soundtrack
that tells us lies about who we are, how to act, and what we’re worth.

Coach Sarah teaches you how to retrain your brain, restore your wellness, and
reclaim your voice
with these four WILD questions:

WISDOM“How do I make wise choices?”
IDENTITY“Who does God say I really am?”
LEGACY“What should I leave behind?”
DARING“Where am I going next?”

Coach Sarah works exclusively with female survivors of abusive relationships in the faith community who are
ready to leave their wilderness behind.

Abuse is like graffiti, marring our internal picture of the loving heart of God.
— Sarah McDugal

Sarah McDugal
  • safe churches abuse church faith community sarah mcdugal jennifer jill nicole parker book author

    You Don’t Know Who the Abusers Are at Church

    In Safe Churches, Sarah McDugal, Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, and Nicole Parker provide insightful, biblically redemptive, legally responsible training for church leaders and lay members who want to make church a safer place.

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  • You Already Trust A Predator

    In Myths We Believe, Sarah McDugal and Daron Pratt present scripture and studies to debunk 37 common myths about predators we trust in the faith community, in this powerful guide to making your church a safer place.

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  • One Face book

    You Can Make Wise Choices

    In One Face, Sarah McDugal takes you on a journey of personal discovery and growth, showcasing stories of wildly successful entrepreneurs and professionals who are committed to leading with transparency and to living with “one face”.

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Abuse Response Trainings

Book Sarah for intensive trainings, seminars and in-service workshops on Abuse Prevention, Trauma Recovery, and Advocacy Response.


  • – How to spot red flags of potential abuse.
  • – Common tactics used by predators.
  • – Training for churches and leaders on biblically redemptive abuse prevention.
  • – How to tell if someone may be in an abusive situation.


  • – Permanently find freedom from toxic relationships.
  • – Shift from toxic mental soundtrack to purposeful truth statements.
  • – Transform your relationships by changing the way you think.
  • – Create an environment of healing and recovery.


  • – Understand the impact of verbal and emotional abuse.
  • – Overcome past wounds and develop your advocacy awareness.
  • – Practical ways to support and mentor others.
  • – Launch an Abuse Response ministry in your community.

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Courses + Coaching

Wisdom | Identity | Legacy | Daring

Guiding women out of the wilderness and into the WILD, one healing mini-trek at a time.
WILD Courses + Coaching offers online courses, workshops and resources showing you how to:

– think in new ways that influence wise decisions,
– interact more safely with people, and
– overcome whatever lies hidden in your history.

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