#FearNot || #LoveWell || 2017 Seminar @ Lay Pastors Retreat

PART 1: Before the truth can set you free, you must acknowledge which lie is holding you hostage. Fear is a huge factor in destroying human relationships. It’s an even bigger factor in our relationship with God. Far too often, we are afraid of really seeing ourselves as we truly are, and what that truth might reveal to us. This two-part seminar addresses the roots of fear, and the freedom found in learning to love well.

Part 2: How do you love when you’re being rejected? Criticized? Abused?
Practical tips for loving well when love is hard.

Do I Have To…? || 2016 Seminar @ High School Bible Retreat

Part 1: How can I make decisions I don’t regret? What if it feels like my choices were made for me when I became the victim of someone else’s decisions? How can I move forward after being deeply wounded?

Part 2: How can I possibly forgive when someone’s actions have left me hurting and broken inside? What if they aren’t even sorry for what they did? Can I choose to break the cycles that got me here? How?