Every weekend, I post a #SaturdaySong in my Facebook group.

It’s a way to reflect over the challenges of the week, ponder the questions we’ve tackled together, marinate on the stuff that has bubbled to the surface in need of processing.

Music has a way of doing that. Digging down deep under the facades of normal that we project to the world, and pulling out the soul that’s hidden underneath.

It’s cathartic.
Transforming — if we allow it to be so.

Music is also a memory trigger. I can be having a fabulous day, feeling carefree and at ease — and then hear that one song from years ago, the one that I listened to over and over again after a crushing betrayal — and suddenly my insides tense into knots and my soul’s peace lies in shards at my feet.

Or I can wake up feeling alone and isolated, longing for things beyond today’s reach, and then turn on a playlist that is gentle and uplifting, or happy and joyful — and feel my entire body relax and unwind and rejuvenate.

As we wrap up the first quarter of our group’s 2017 quest to Live With One Face, here is every #SaturdaySong that’s been the soundtrack of our journey for more than five hundred people who’ve joined me. Want to come along? We all hang out here: www.facebook.com/groups/live1face/.