2017 — Returning Guest on “HeartWise with Charles Mills”, HeartWise Radio.

Sometimes things aren’t as they seem. This is especially true in the relationships we observe. Such was the case with author and leadership speaker Sarah McDugal. But she has taken her extreme heartbreak and betrayal and turned it into a powerful testimony for the sustaining and healing power that God offers us all. (Click the photo or copy and paste this link into your browser: http://www.heartwiseministries.org/setting-boundaries-sarah-mcdugal/)



2017 — Guest on “HeartWise with Charles Mills”, HeartWise Radio.

Many of us hide behind not one, but many masks. The results can be destructive in both the corporate and personal arenas. Strategist and leadership speaker Sarah McDugal weighs in on how to live with just one face and succeed on every level.all. (Click the photo or copy and paste this link into your browser: http://www.heartwiseministries.org/one-face-sarah-mcdugal/)



2016 — Guest on “That Business Show With Jamie Meloni”, WHNZ, iHeart Radio.

Interview alongside Deputy Alan Wilkett, Pasco County Sheriff, on human trafficking in Tampa Bay and how entrepreneurs can collaborate to stop exploitation and modern slavery at home.

2015 — Guest on the “Pete O’Shea Show”, Tampa Bay, WTIS, AM1110

Building Legacy Brands + giving away “Chatting With Chipotle“, a FREE eBook interviewing CEO Monty Moran on the core values that drive Chipotle’s success.

2015 — Guest on “That Business Show With Jamie Meloni”, in Tampa Bay, WHNZ, iHeart Radio.

Raising awareness for orphan hosting, sharing how Tampa Bay entrepreneurs and families can support displaced children in countries such as Ukraine, Latvia, Ethiopia and China.

2015 — Guest on That Business Show With Jamie Meloni, in Tampa Bay, WHNZ, iHeart Radio.

Showcasing our unique branding approach to create campaigns for companies that value their social impact as much as their bottom line.

2014–Featured guest on Let’s Pray, Live! on HopeTV, as the Creator+Director+Producer of two seasons of the www.Answered.TV short film series.

2014 — Director+Producer Interview

Showcasing the #iwantMORE campaign, created and produced by Sarah McDugal’s crew, which rolled out for city-wide branding in San Antonio, Texas in 2015.

2013 —  The Legacy Project

Host for #LegacyProject series teaser, a passion project and story-telling film created by Sarah McDugal’s media team.

2012 — Featured segment on ANN Video Report


The Amazing People Podcast, hosted by Chip Dizard:

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Interview on managing social media for a global non-profit initiative:

Interview on receiving Best Video nomination at the Canadian GMAs 2014 for directing “What I Know Now” music video with Naomi Striemer: