#shedthemask||day 9

It’s Day 9.

Time for some deeper questions on this whole #ShedTheMask thing. Instead of just asking about choices and filters and masks, let’s ponder what’s lurking underneath.

What motivations drive my daily life choices?
Why do I choose what I choose in life?

Is my underlying motive to make other people happy?
To avoid conflict?
To stay comfortable?
To take needless risks for a thrill?
To do what I know is right?

What if I’m more motivated by making other people happy than by following my conscience and making God happy?

What if I’m more motivated by what’s easy than by what’s right?

Honest answer? If that’s the case then I’m probably never going to get where I really want to go.


(Tomorrow’s meme.)

How are my masks preventing me from getting there?

Well… like I said in my last posts, it’s been FEAR.
Fear of letting myself trust again.
Fear that God won’t actually come through for me THIS time, even though He always has – over and over and over again.

You’d think I’d get the point by now that when he says He’s got this, when He says that He chooses me — He actually means it.

I can be such a forgetful human…

Fear held me back from being transparent about surviving 13 years of life being married to an addict. Fear prevented me from blogging about deep heart topics like this a long time ago. Fear often makes me hesitate to do the things I feel God calling me to do, deep in my heart, but I’m scared I’ll start and then run out of steam and maybe let people down. I hate letting other people down.

Or maybe… I’m most scared of letting myself down?
In which case, the mask I need to shed probably wouldn’t be fear, it would be pride… Hmmmm.

My point is, I may be the one writing about living with one face but I’m not immune to the pressure of staying safe behind a mask. Nobody is. My masks must be laid down daily at the altar of worshipping God instead of myself, of choosing what He says is best for my character, and surrendering to what’s most helpful for those who need encouragement around me.

So what about yours?
Who have you been refusing to forgive? Where have you been hesitating to go? What have you been reluctant to risk?

What masks is God calling you to shed in 2017?

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