Sarah McDugal is an author, speaker, branding strategist and abuse recovery coach, with more than 20 years of international experience.

Author of ONE FACE: Shed the Mask, Own Your Values, and Lead Wisely, her published work emphasizes integrity and simplicity in life choices for more authentic, less-stressed life.

Sarah’s media career began as the teen host of an international Christian TV show. She has produced and directed more than 150 short films and TV episodes, from city-wide campaigns to global satellite TV networks; and managed production teams as creative director, producer, and talent coach.
In 2012, Sarah launched her own branding company — creating compelling brand messages and media assets for national medical franchises, non-profit hospital systems, wellness-driven healthcare plans, educational organizations, humanitarian foundations, and global TV networks.
Also, Sarah has long been an advocate for healthy biblical relationships — featured in 1998 as a guest discussing teen dating on 3ABN’s “Thinking About Home” TV show; and presenting seminars, weeks of prayer, and weekend retreats for women and teens since 2004. She has a passion for encouraging women toward whole-soul wellbeing, and moderated a social support network since 2010 which grew to include more than 1500 pastors’ wives internationally.
Sarah’s advocacy against sex trafficking, modern-day slavery, and the porn industry took root in 2012, when she began volunteering with Florida law enforcement initiatives and local non-profits.
As a survivor of an abusive relationship, Sarah seeks to extend the hope of healing and support to other survivors. She writes and speaks on the connections of abusive behaviors with narcissism, pornography/sexual addiction, human trafficking, and domestic violence; and how faith communities can better respond to abusive situations.
Sarah volunteers with Abide Counseling and the Bucket Brigade as an advocate and coach for survivors married to clergy and spiritual leaders. She also founded and continues to volunteer with a confidential support network for women who are seeking healing and restoration.
Homeschooling mother of two intense and delightful children, lover of international vegetarian cuisine, avid reader and globetrotter who has visited or volunteered in 45 countries, Sarah freely admits that she never has enough time to do #allthethings, and sometimes leaves dirty dishes in the sink longer than she probably should.
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