Sarah McDugal is a brand strategist & director.

Author of One Face: Shed the Mask, Own Your Values, and Lead Wisely, Sarah directs & produces Hollywood-quality brand campaigns for companies who value their social impact as much as their bottom line.

Sarah has produced & directed more than 150 story videos internationally, from city-wide message campaigns to global satellite TV network shows, including a music video officially nominated as Video of the Year at the 2014 Canadian Gospel Music Awards.

Sarah’s work in media production launched almost 25 years ago as the teen host of a global satellite Christian TV program for youth. Since then, she has managed teams internationally as a creative director, producer, and talent coach. 

In 2012 she launched her own branding agency, to create story-driven visual marketing resources for companies with a socially responsible conscience. Her clients have included non-profit hospital networks, national franchises, and city-wide message campaigns.

An avid writer, reader and globetrotter, Sarah has visited or worked in more than 40 countries. 

Detailed resume here.